Need Direct Mail to Boost your Sales in 2015? You Need Creative Marketing Ideas

Direct Mail to Boost Sales in 2015 - Pop up Cubes

Looking to boost your sales in 2015? Looking for ideas to grab attention? You need creative marketing ideas to generate extra interest and capture attention immediately.  You need to take what I call the three step challenge: Step One – Chunky Mailers – Step Two – Pop up Products and Step Three – “Keepability” with desk-top functions.

Chunky Mailing Wraps – Grab Attention

Customised and brightly printed chunky mailing wraps stand out in the post tray amongst the boring flat brown and white envelopes; they create a sense of curiosity and are opened immediately. This is the first step to boosting your sales for 2015.  Pop up mailers products are compressed into chunky mailing wraps and as soon as opened they spring out and into shape when least expected. These creative marketing ideas are hard to beat for effective direct mail campaigns.

Pop up Products – Lots to Choose    

With a large variety of shapes and sizes to choose from there is always one ideal for your marketing campaign.  Once chosen you design your artwork to fit and your dedicated Account Manager will guide you all the way with production times, delivery and after-sales care.  My favourite of all the pop up products for direct mail is the Pop up Cube – this piece comes in four sizes and whichever size you choose there is plenty of print area  for your communication message.

Desk-top Function – Maintain the Interest

Adding pen holes and/or a printed desk calendar to your pop up products is a great way to get your direct mail to boost your sales in 2015.  Creative marketing ideas that grab attention and keep it as they sit on desks and work-stations  performing daily as pen pots or calendars ensures that your company is in focus for a long time indeed.

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