Think Direct Mail is Dead? Not with Dynamic and Interactive Direct Mail Ideas

Direct Mail is here to Stay - Make it Dynamic for the Best Results

Dynamic and interactive direct mail ideas are here to stay because they work so well. Years ago with the enormous amounts of paper junk mail an e-mail pinging into your in-box was a great treat but these days it is quite the opposite which is why direct mail is here to stay.  Nowadays it is a treat to receive an item of mail, however  it must be unusual and attention-grabbing to work effectively.

Pop up Direct Mail Ideas

The pop up mailers and products work really well due to their entertaining element. They are all compressed into mailing wraps to be posted which means that when they arrive with your customers and prospects they spring out and into shape as soon as released.  This action gets maximum interest  immediately, raises a smile and gets your company the topic of conversation. This is dynamic direct mail at its very best.

Interaction – Key to Success

You may prefer interactive direct mail rather than the pop up versions and with so many styles and versions to choose from  you can select a direct mail piece to complement your message. A moving picture may be ideal for your marketing message or an extending card or even a turning wheel.  Whatever you need to say you can say it in an amusing way with interactive direct mail ideas with a difference.

You Design – We Produce and We Post

Yes we are a mailing house too which means that you can sit back and relax and leave it to us to get your direct mail to your target audience on time and in good condition.  Leave nothing to chance, get your data cleaned and our reputable mailing house department to deliver your marketing message.


Take the stress out of your mailing - let us do it!