Direct Mail – Direct to Your Customers and Prospects – High Open Rate

Pop up House and Mailing Wrap - Direct Mail that Gets High Open Rates

The clue is in the title direct mail really does get direct to your customers and prospects. Well it does if it is “stand out from the crowd” direct mail and has an entertainment element to it.  I could write reams and reams of pages about innovative direct mail ideas that return high open rates but for this blog I have selected just a couple from the pop up range of options in the business communication product overview.

Box Clever with a Pop up Cube or Box

A Pop up Cube or a Pop up Box is mailed to your customers and prospects in a chunky cardboard mailing wrap with your customised print and as soon as it arrives in the post tray it  simple begs to be opened. As soon as it is your promotional printed pop up cube or box springs out when least expected. Obtaining immediate attention with direct mail in this entertaining way is hard to beat and knocks spots off digital marketing formats Don’t just take my word for it!.

The project ran smoothly…thanks again! “Nicola worked extremely hard with us to ensure the project ran smoothly…we were happy with the print quality and the punctuality too. Thanks again!”Beacon Creative, February 2014 Product: Pop up cube with mailing.

Homing in on High Open Rates

Another pop up product with amazing results is the Pop up House which is also sent out compressed into a chunky mailing wrap and jumps free as soon as opened. Novelty value features highly on the shape of this pop up and it gives another dimension to direct mail  and high open rates as a result.

Exceptional service, from start to finish “Whitney Woods provided an exceptional service, from start to finish. Both the communication and the standard of our “pop-up houses” were brilliant – we will be working with them again!” Solar Advanced Systems, September 2013
Product: Pop up house.

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