Direct Mail Marketing Tactic – Multiple Mailer Idea

Red Reveal Reader

Keep your Profile High with a Marketing Tactic Red Reveal Reader Card

The best results can occur when a person receives multiple direct mailers over a period of time. Building up familiarity with your company products and services makes your company the first one recalled to memory when required.


A good example of this is the Red Reveal Reader Card. It is perfect because you can send additional message cards at staged intervals after the initial red reveal reader card mailing. The key factor being jumbled up printed messages that can only be decoded with the magic red reveal inserts.


The added advantage is that the message cards are cost-effective to post afterwards too making them the ideal follow-up idea.  Each message card is printed with your “scrambled” message which can only be read by inserting into the reader card.


To sum up,  here is a multiple mailer idea that is fun and tactile and adds an air of mystery too.  It can be designed and sent as a one-off direct mailer or as part of a multiple mailer campaign.


And for extra novelty value we now have the Red Reveal Glasses – the magic film is in the glasses “lens” in this product. These create a talking point when received and your contacts look forward to receiving extra messages if you wish to use as a direct mail marketing tactic multiple mailer idea.

Red Reveal Glasses - Marketing tactic with a fun element

Red Reveal Glasses – Marketing tactic with a fun element


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