Direct Mail that Keeps Being Read – Keeps Your Profile High

Direct Mail that keeps Being Read - Interloop Mailer

Direct Mail that keeps Being Read – Interloop Mailer

People trust direct mail more than they trust e-mails and social media advertising. These days it is easy for anyone to send us e-mails and social posts. Our in-boxes become flooded with unwanted e-mails. Knowing that you have taken the time and trouble to send a piece of direct mail your target audience realise that you mean business and this is in turn is acknowledged and noted. You do, however need to ensure that your direct mail is interesting enough to be picked up again and again.


Interloop Mailer – Interesting and Amusing

The Interloop Mailer is a direct mail piece that is picked up again and again and keeps your profile high. It comes in a choice of four sizes and looks like a puzzle that you turn and turn again to read the full message. Opening up an interactive mailer Interloop  will be the highlight of your readers day; it will create a talking point and it will be referred to again and again as it is shared with others.


Red Reveal – When Red Means Go

Here is a direct mail idea where red means go instead of stop. The key factor with the Red Reveal Direct Marketing product is the fact that it has a high level of activity and entertainment. You send your message out in a scrambled format and this can only be deciphered by inserting the red reader card. This is ideal for you to design and send as a staged direct mail campaign; that is sending extra message cards at regular intervals creating direct mail that keeps being read.


Red Reveal Reader

Keep your Profile High with a Red Reveal Reader Card

Flicker Card – Adds Amusement to Mail

The Flicker Card is a substantial piece of direct mail and is one that keeps being read time and time again. A Flicker Card in either Dl or A5 sizes keeps your profile high and is a very interactive way to send out a marketing message and get you noticed. Raising a smile and creating a talking point is easy with the Flicker Card as your target audience will enjoy the product design and take note of your promotional print.

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