Events Marketing? Need Attention-Grabbing Event Invitations?

Grab Attention with a Jack in a Box Mailer

Then you need look no further.  Why not create innovative and attention-grabbing event invitations that will never fail to get increased response rates and get your event marked in diaries and on the calendar?  Marketing your events and parties can be entertaining from start to finish with unusual products that work.

Moving Picture Cards

Moving pictures can speak a thousand words and convey quickly: how attending your event will be beneficial or how your products and/or services can be beneficial.  Either way the Picture Dissolvers are perfect for attention-grabbing event invite design. They come in DL , A6 and A5 and in some formats you can even have two moving picture cards featuring as well.


Jack in a Box Mailer

Boing! and your message cannot be ignored! This is a quirky events marketing product and is suitable for both attention-grabbing event invitations and event give-aways too. You choose your die-cut piece and artwork and the spring like effect is similar to a Jack in a Box.  There is room for a message card inside the mailing wrap too with the Jack in a Box Mailer.  Recent examples include a Chinese Dragon and a Rocket.


Pop up Cards –  Effective Events Marketing

The 3D Pop up Cards are traditional cards but with a twist; they all have an interactive or pop up feature to grab maximum focus.  Designed as an  event invitation in either A5 or A6 size you can have great fun from start to finish. As you embark on your ideas, and you choose your ideal pop up card to use you will enjoy the process just as much as your attendees will when they open up your attention-grabbing event invitations.


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