New Year Promotional Items – Premiere Performance

Interloop Mailer - Perfect for New Year Promotions

Interloop Mailer – Perfect for New Year Promotions

Today in 1939 “Gone with the Wind” premiered in Atlanta, Georgia – a classic film still as powerful today as it was all those years ago. Why not kick off 2016 with New Year promotional items that make an impact and get your audience captivated just like audiences of this great movie have been? If you are thinking that direct mail has already “gone with the wind” and is not a valuable form of communication these days, the opposite is actually true. Your customers and prospects get bombarded with digital marketing so to receive a physical piece of mail is a treat and gets you noticed.


Red Reveal – “Scarlett” Red for Oscar Performance

A Red Reveal is ideal to design as your New Year promotional items; it adds an air of mystery and amusement. The key factor here is that a scrambled message is sent on a card or cards and the only way to read it is with the red reader card. This is a fun item and as Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler said in the film “Never pass up new experiences [Scarlett], They enrich the mind.” – Rhett Butler”.


Interloop – Rotating Fun

For entertainment value the Interloop Interactive Mailer is one of the best. Captivating from the moment it is received an Interloop Mailer is turned and turned again and again to reveal the end of the story. Great fun to design this will kick start your marketing for 2016, get people talking about your product and/or services in a very positive and appreciative way.


Push up Promotions and Pull in Audience

Improve your response rates and increase your audience with a Push and Pull. Frankly your customers and prospects will “give a damn!” To read your New Year marketing message your target audience pull a card at one side and just like stage curtains a card at the other side ejects at the same time. This is attention-grabbing and interactive and a great tool for your marketing arsenal.


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