Interactive Marketing Ideas Cast a Spell on your Customers and Prospects

Interactive Marketing Ideas - Red Reveal Reader Cards

Casting a spell on your customers by grabbing their attention immediately with interactive marketing ideas is not just for Halloween but for all year round promotions too.  Halloween is all about trickery and treats and you can adapt this format to your next marketing campaign too.


Red Reveal – “Gore”-Geous and Effective 

The Red Reveal direct marketing piece is one of the most effective interactive marketing ideas because your customers and prospects have to insert a “magic” film to read your “scrambled” message. The trick to this ingenious product is the fact that you can send your advertising communication in stages if you so wish which creates much anticipation and gets people talking about you!  We translate your message into “gobbledygook” encouraging maximum engagement to read your message.


Tent Topper – Tomb Rising Effect

The Tent Topper table tent advertising idea is another product from the interactive marketing ideas range that requires 100% audience engagement.   Arriving flat your customers and prospects have to push up the central piece which because it is Halloween reminded me of a tombstone rising up. Once in shape it becomes a desk-top or counter-top display piece and continues to broadcast your marketing message not for as long as a tombstone but for a very long time indeed. Casting a spell with both interaction and desk-top novelty in the cauldron you have the perfect potion!


Sideshooter – Shocking Tactics

The Postcard Sideshooter is a great idea for gaining maximum focus to your advertising and marketing products. As your target audience removes the Sideshooter from the outer mailer two panels shoot out from the main body when least expected.   This action gains maximum focus and encourages the product to be picked up again and again – effective interactive marketing ideas you need!


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