How to Keep your Direct Mail out of the Bin

Pop up Cube – Chunky Mailer printed with Clear and Simple Call to Action

Need to know how to keep your direct mail out of the bin or trash can? It goes without saying that firstly you need to research and ensure that your target audience is exactly what you need to enhance your profile and generate extra sales. Once you have done this you need to follow these simple steps for maximum impact and rewards

Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out Your marketing message or advertisement needs to catch the readers attention immediately which is why you need to make it stand out from all the other items of mail. An unusual chunky package with bright print and graphics will always do the trick. Enticing the reader to open up your “box” will make sure that your communication is opened up and does not end up in the bin.

Highlight Benefits to the Reader –  Once your direct mail is “past the gatekeeper” you need to make sure that your message is clear and concise. Always highlight the benefits in a simple and interesting way.

Call to Action  – A call to action is not essential but is a good idea. Simple “requests” for more interaction can be “Call us now for more Information” or “Visit our Website to see the Current Special Offers”. It’s also a good idea to use just one “instruction” rather than offer a choice of e-mail, call, visit etc. to get the best response and be able to monitor it too.

Here at Whitney Woods we have many shapes and formats for delivering your direct mail in a stand out and effective way. The Pop up Cube is just one and has been around for a long time but still delivers every time. As standard spec the Pop up cube comes in four sizes, the largest being 120 mm.  Our dedicated and friendly team have a wealth of experience between them and are happy to guide you through the ordering process and make sure that your direct mail stays out of “trash”. Amanda was extremely happy with the service and quality of the Pop up Cube.

“Nicola and the other girls were amazing – helping me through the process of artwork and ensuring that the final product was delivered in time for the conference – even changing the delivery address to assist. Thank you!”
 Amanda Spiers, Internal Communications Business Partner at Rexel.