Less is More – Direct Mail IS Being Read –Traditional Marketing Works

Pop up Ball - Direct Mail that Works

Pop up Ball – Direct Mail that Works

Yes we live in a world that is dominated with technology but don’t think that this means that direct mail is no longer valuable to you. The opposite is true – less direct mail being sent means that your mail is more likely to be noticed – and actioned. Digital platforms may appear to be taking over the world of marketing but traditional marketing works better now than ever. A Pop up Ball is a very unusual and quirky way to send your marketing message.
Direct Mail Achieves the Goals
Achieving response rates goals is easy with a Pop up Ball. The concept of the pop up direct mail is the attention it gets as soon as it arrives with your target audience. This is because it is sent out compressed into a chunky mailer making it stand out in the mail tray immediately. Because of this is it is always opened and never ignored or classed as “junk”. On opening the mailer the Pop up Ball bounces out and into shape which is always a surprise and not expected. Traditional marketing with mailing ideas of this calibre works better than digital formats that are deleted in a second never to be seen again. You can also improve the time your direct mail piece is kept by adding pen holes or a printed calendar to your Pop up Ball.
Integration and Interaction
Why not use the digitally driven world we live in to your advantage with your direct mail? If you add a QR code to your artwork design on your Pop up Ball your audience has a physical piece that is interactive and attention grabbing and a call to action to view digital platforms too. Since your target contacts are receiving less and less mail they view your traditional marketing piece as a “gift” and enjoy receiving it. So giving them a call to action to view a website or social media page you have two bits at the very juicy cherry.
More information and direct mail ideas can be seen at popupmailers too