Make a Difference with Cardboard Donation Boxes

Moneybox house

House-shaped pitched roof Cardboard Donation Boxes

Make a difference to your charity or fund raising campaigns with cardboard donation boxes and novelty money boxes. Whether you choose a pop up option or a manual assembly format with a novel shape you can attract attention – and donations. Here are some cardboard donation box ideas for you:

Pop up House – Roof-top Donations

A Pop up House is a pitched roof design cardboard donation box that is sent our compressed into a cardboard mailing wrap. Once the wrap is opened the novelty Pop up House Money Box springs free with energy and “oomph” grabbing maximum attention immediately. The delightful collection box is then put to work to build foundations and generate interest and money for your charity or fund raising campaign.


Never a Gamble – Dice-shaped Cube

The Pop up Cube cardboard donation boxes are dice-shaped but are a safe bet for grabbing attention and increasing contributions. This Pop up Cube collection box has a pop up action too and whilst small it is perfectly formed as it erupts from the mailer with surprise and gusto.


Pyramid Fun – Self-Assembly

Another novel and unusual shape is the Manual Pyramid Money Box  which adds kudos and flair to any charity marketing. The Pyramid Money Box is mailed out flat and is easily erected in seconds – the sloping sides have plenty of print area for your fund raising message too.
We produce for you using your bespoke print ideas, we pack and if required we post for you too. We have a Mailing House Department with over 20 years experience and expertise.

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