Marketing Ideas with Moving Pictures – A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Moving Picture Cards - Attention-Grabbing Marketing Ideas

Getting your message across in a memorable and entertaining way with moving picture cards is great fun for you and your recipients alike. Coming in many different formats the moving picture cards are marketing ideas that easily suit any project you have.  Part of the business marketing products range we call them Dissolvers or Dissolving Pictures. So how does it work?  You come up with your idea, you choose your style of dissolver and crack on with your artwork design and we do the rest!



Easy to Demonstrate  Change

What better way to demonstrate how your product or service could benefit your customers and prospects than with a moving picture card? It is easy to demonstrate change with the interactive dissolver marketing ideas in seconds. As soon as received your target audience pulls the card on your picture dissolve and your message is conveyed immediately. Visual impact works and these products will be shared with others  due to their novelty value.


Under-Cover – Marketing Ideas

The Cover Dissolve is a moving picture card where simply by lifting the cover the image changes and your message is conveyed. Your customers and prospects open up the cover and immediately activate the picture-changing mechanism making them ideal marketing ideas for any messages about change or before and after.  It is easy to promote your business with a Cover Dissolve.


How the Moving Picture Card has Evolved

Because of the popularity of the moving picture cards it was only natural that these marketing ideas  would evolve into other sector of marketing and as such the Bottle Dissolver was born and is a best-seller now for drinks marketing campaigns, the Business Card Dissolver and Dissolve Business Desk Calendar Display Tent Cards soon followed suit too.


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