Less is Always More – Pocket-Sized Brochures

Carry and Keep - Marketing Products to carry and keep!

Carry and Keep – Marketing Products to carry and keep!

Mini brochures and booklets that fit into pockets and bags easily yet contain lots of information make ideal marketing products. Most people prefer to travel light these days and bulky brochures and booklets are definitely a thing of the past. So, how do you get all your information into compact pocket sized brochures? Here are a few examples of how easy and effective it is – it is as simple as pick a card – any card for magical marketing products:



Carry and Keep Card

Always a favourite of mine the Carry and Keep Card pocket brochure is A7 outer size with an inner sheet opening up to A3 packed with promotional print of your choice. The outer covers are strong and sturdy keeping the inner information clean and free from damage. Pocket-sized brochures like the Carry and Keep are ideal for product information, venue information, venue maps and guides, trade-show give-aways and so much more.

Foldilocks Card

The Foldilocks Card is a concertina folding small brochure product consisting of perforated panels that all fold up neatly into the outer cover which also has a locking tab. These marketing products come in A7 and credit card sized formats and both sizes are perfect pocket-sized brochures to design with a tear off voucher or coupon included. Recently an A7 Foldilocks card played a major role in the Katie Piper Foundation and feedback was phenomenal.

Swatch Card

“Swatch” cards you will most probably be familiar with for textiles and paint selection but cardboard Swatch cards slip into a pocket and can be referred to again and again. Fixed by a strong eyelet in nickel or brass these fan-like marketing products are easy to use and these also come in a choice of credit-card sizes and A7 small booklets too.


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