Less is more – Folded Leaflets and Mini Brochures

Foldilocks handout for The Katie Piper Foundation

Foldilocks Cards – Folded Leaflets and Mini Brochures

Less is more with clever folded leaflets and mini brochures that have plenty of print area yet fit into a pocket, handbag or wallet easily. Often a product of choice for venue guides and maps they make ideal product information booklets too. Marketing with small booklet formats proves the saying that less is more every time. I have selected just a few here; however, you can order FREE samples to see for yourself.


Little Big Card – Small Product – Huge Possibilities

The Little Big Card is exactly as the name suggests – it is little and folds down into credit card size or A7 but opens up to reveal inner sections of A4 and A3 respectively. The outer covers are strong card keeping the information clean and damage free. So for a marketing product that is a pocket brochure and small enough to carry easily and be referred to but hold a lot of valuable information this is the one to choose. Folded leaflets of this calibre take the stress out of your marketing.


Concertina Folding Foldilocks Card

The Foldilocks Card is made up of folding panels contained within an outer cover that even has a locking tab. These folded leaflets as standard have perforated panels making them ideal for printing as vouchers or loyalty discount coupons. The Foldilocks small brochures are available as standard in credit card size and A7 but you can ask us about custom sizes too.


Bursting with Promotional Print

The Starburst folded leaflets come in many sizes including the mini brochure and pocket booklet sizes of credit card and A7. The Starburst folded leaflets give a flair and style to any marketing idea; opening up like a flower coming into bloom they add a theatrical twist and novelty value to your less is more marketing.

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