When Mini is Big – Marketing with Mini Brochures

Mini marketing booklets with a hidden agenda - two leaflets in one! HIDDEN BOOK

Mini marketing booklets with a hidden agenda – two leaflets in one! HIDDEN BOOK

When you need mini marketing booklets and brochures you need to know that they have enough print room for your promotional print; also that they are going to be kept and the information read and referred to again and again. So where do you start? With innovative and unusual folded mini brochures you can pack lots of information in yet still have a compact and easy to use booklet.


Hidden Book – Two in One Display

The Hidden Book is a delightful mini brochure format and is a two-in –one format that is very interactive and amusing to read.  The name says it all because the folding action reveals a hidden book inside grabbing maximum attention to your marketing message or information.  You can have great fun with your artwork and graphic design to create a mini marketing booklet that will impress and be referred to again and again.


Foldilocks – Concertina Folding Panels

The Foldilocks Cards are individual panels that fold up concertina-style into the outer cover which has a locking tab for security. As standard the panels in these mini brochures are perforated which makes them ideal to print as discount or loyalty coupons too. The unusual and interactive design of the Foldilocks Card small brochure makes them ideal for charity marketing, tourism marketing and trade show give-aways too.


Starburst – Bursting with Flair

The Starburst Fold is a very creative fold that opens up like a flower coming into bloom. The mini marketing booklets with a Starburst Fold are ideal for printing up with maps and venue guides and so many other scenarios too. They have sturdy outer covers that keep the inner sheet clean and free from damage. Pocket booklets of this calibre add a touch of glamour to your marketing tools and are great fun to both design and send or issue to your target audience.

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