New Year – Ring in the New Marketing Ideas

Changing image – new year promotional product

New year is the perfect time for a fresh start and a time to add new marketing ideas to your arsenal. It doesn’t matter whether you have new products to shout about or you want to promote an existing product you can do both with a changing image card.

New year brings changes and since a picture tells a thousand words a changing picture design is a superb choice to make.

Coming in a quantity as low as 250 units and in various styles and options too the Dissolvers as we call them are great fun to design. Our team are always ready on hand to discuss your new year project and advise on the most suitable option for you too.

All the Dissolvers require lots of interaction from the reader and something amusing to play with after the festivities are over and things can seem rather dull. Cheer up your potential and existing clientele with something entertaining and novel.

There are changing image cards with a cover that when lifted it reveals another image, there are pictures that change when a card is pulled, optional extra pages and even a tent card with a dissolving picture on one side too. The list of new year options to ring in the changes is endless.

And getting in touch with the Whitney Woods team about your new marketing ideas for 2018 is easy – you can call, e-mail or even chat on line to our team during UK office hours.


Here’s what Sandra at WorldRemit had to say about her Cover Dissolve:

“From start to finish it’s really helped us how responsive and knowledgeable you were, this was critical for us managing to get the project off the ground on time for Christmas. Many Thanks!”