Office Relocation? Need Ideas for Relocation Announcement Cards?

3D Pop up Building Cards – Perfect Relocation Announcement Cards

Attention-grabbing office relocation announcements are vital to ensure that all your customers and suppliers know exactly where you are.  This is why you need relocation announcement cards that capture attention and make sure that your new details are noted.  A postcard will not suffice for such an important communication and is easily lost – you need unusual and creative  “we have moved” office relocation notices. Here are some card ideas I like in particular:

Pop up “House” Card – 3D Card

The Pop up House Card is ideal for designing as your bespoke relocation announcement cards because the key feature is a pop up building in the centre of the card. As soon as opened the house takes shape right in the middle of the card and cannot be missed.  When you have so much on your “to do” list you need to know that your office relocation communications will capture attention and al your suppliers, visitors and customers can find you and contact you.

Moving Picture Card  – Change Easily Displayed

The moving picture cards are the perfect format for designing as your relocation announcement cards Easily displaying “from here to here” or a message about “change” the Picture Dissolve formats are interactive, attention-grabbing and effective.  Change of address cards are great fun to both send and receive when they feature a tactile and amusing Dissolving Picture element.

Phone Holder – Useful and Effective

And how about this for something very different? A Mobile Phone Cradle  for desk-top display printed with your logo and new contact details? Perfect relocation announcement cards that will not be discarded and will serve you well for a long time indeed. Sent out compressed they rise up and into shape when opened and for change of address and office relocation they are perfect.

We can post your office relocation announcement cards for you too! Leave it to us  to Produce and Send whilst you get on with your “to do” list for the move.

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