Perfect Christmas Gifts for Business Clients

Desk-top Christmas Gifts for Business Clients

Christmas is a great time to get in touch with all of your business clients, letting them know how much their business is appreciated and valued. Sending your clients a small thank you present is fun for them and ensures that they think of you throughout the coming year too. A bottle of wine or a box of chocolates is a nice gesture but won’t last very long whereas a desk calendar stays around for a long time.

When sending B2B Christmas gifts, you need something that your clients will appreciate but also gets your business noticed. A Pop up Cube Calendar is the answer – it is a useful desktop gift and it also has an element of surprise.

The Pop up Cube is sent to your business clients compressed into a mailing wrap and when released it springs free with a gusto.  This is unrivalled for grabbing attention at any time of year but sent as a Christmas gift with a printed calendar as part of the design it really comes into its own.

Christmas is a time when we all like to feel aglow with Christmas cheer. Sending your business clients a novelty Pop up Cube calendar adds an entertaining factor and is always a safe bet at Christmas; and is carried on into the New Year too.  If you send a useful gift at Christmas, more than food or drink that won’t last long at all your clients and contacts will appreciate it.

The Pop up Cube is featured in our Christmas store where you can find more inspiration and ideas for your Christmas gifts for business clients – take a look here: Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving and for spreading cheer – designing and sending unusual gifts is as much fun for you as it is for your contacts!

There is still time to get your orders in and meet delivery for December mail – and don’t forget if you are UK based we can mail your products too!