Presentation is Essential for Successful Marketing Campaigns

A Pop up House with Wrap - Presentation is Key to Successful Marketing Campaigns

Just as with food we eat with our eyes first your customers and prospects are the same with direct mail and marketing products. Those first three seconds count which is why presentation is the key to successful marketing campaigns. If in the first three seconds you create intrigue and curiosity you are guaranteed to get your products opened, read and in numerous cases responded to as well.

It’s a Wrap – A Mailing Wrap

Sending your direct mail in cardboard mailing wraps is perfect for gaining maximum attention and getting past the “gatekeeper”. As they arrive in the morning mail they stand out amongst the rest of the boring white and brown envelopes and are simply begging to be opened. Don’t worry they are not as expensive to post as you may first think and enhance your marketing campaigns greatly.  You choose your bespoke promotional print to match your choice of mailer and you impress your target audience immediately.  Choosing a pop up product that is compressed or an interactive product for your direct mail ideas is up to you but you need to choose one that is sent out in a chunky mailing wrap.

Pop up Products – Presentation Plus Surprise   

All pop up mailers and products are compressed and sent out in the mailing wraps and spring out when least expected as soon as released. They come in all shapes and sizes and whichever one you choose will be totally bespoke to your artwork design and format. Some are ideal to have pen holes for desk-top “keepability” and successful marketing campaigns.

Busy Hands Get your Message Across

Some of the interactive products are sent out in mailing wraps too and tick the box for attention-grabbing presentation.  Keeping your customers and prospects hands busy is also a great way to get your message across and increase response rates.  Extending cards are a fine example of this and a large DL Flicker Card is another.

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