Why Print is Important in a Digital World

Direct mail flicker card promotion for Creditsafe

Flicker Card – Print at it’s Best

What is the value and role of print in this modern digital world? It’s not a straight choice between digital and print marketing aids it is all about creativity and impact.

Using creativity to deliver messages with attention-grabbing marketing products in print you can still guide your target audience to your digital platforms. Using well designed products in print allows you to connect physically and emotionally with your target audience. Research is still showing that direct mail with interactivity and strong creative features achieves higher response rates.

Digital communication cannot compete with tactile and eye-catching printed products that are held, read and picked up again and again. Add a call to action “visit our website” or “take a look at our face book page” and you can guide your potential customers and existing customers to your digital world too.

Starting this journey on the road to using print with us is easy – Choose a product that best suits the message you need to send – Design your artwork and leave the rest to us!

A particular favourite of mine is the Flicker Card because it is so versatile and very interactive. This brochure-style print comes in different sizes and has a very effective inner feature of folding panels. Simply by pulling a card at one end the inner panels ripple through in a very entertaining and eye-catching manner.

Request a sample of this Flicker card print format and other products from the range to see for yourself how you can join countless others who know that print is important in a digital world.

Contacting the team for advice, prices and free samples is simple too – you can call us, e-mail us, complete the request forms on the websites or even chat “live” to one of our team during UK office hours too.

“Super customer service throughout the project and first class product delivered on time and budget.”

Jeff Walsham, Senior Account Manager, Gravity Matrix, Product: Flicker card