Successful Marketing Campaigns Need Attention-Grabbing Mailings

Pop up House - Roof-top Response from Attention-Grabbing Mailings

Pop up House – Roof-top Response from Attention-Grabbing Mailings

How do you get your direct mail opened, read and responded to? With attention-grabbing mailings that have an element of surprise and amusement that’s how. Pop up products are a good idea since they are all sent out to your target audience in chunky mailing wraps which stand out in the morning mail, attract attention and simply beg to be opened. Once they are opened the pop up mailer springs out and into shape when least expected gaining maximum focus.  Here’s just a couple of pop up ideas you may like to choose for your next marketing campaigns.


Pop up House – On the Home Front

The Pop up House is a quirky and novel pop up product for attention grabbing mailings; shaped like a pitched roof house you can use clever artwork to depict any building at all. Successful marketing campaigns need a product that will capture maximum interest and generate response and a Pop up House is a top choice every time. We have three sizes of Pop up House available for you to choose from; all have the make the same  impact – the choice is yours.  You can even add pen holes to the roof to transform your direct mail idea into a pen holder and build foundations with your customers and prospects alike with a desk-top novelty.


Jumpinjax – Mini Pop up Boxes

The Big Daddy of the mini pop up boxes range of pop up products is the Jumpinjax. This has played a major role in attention-grabbing mailings where you need message cards along with the surprising pop up products. The format is an outer mailer with a sliding tray holding four mini pop up boxes and your message cards. As the tray is removed the four pop up boxes spring out one after another which is a very unusual and captivating to say the least. Many successful marketing campaigns have used the Jumpinjax to deliver a message in this creative way.


These two ideas are just the tip of the pop up iceberg – for more ideas see business marketing products at where you can also chat to us on-line, order samples and request prices