Wheel Charts –Interactive Marketing and Information Leaflets


Wheel Charts – Interactive Information Leaflets

Interaction promotes reaction and the interactive wheel charts are perfect for passing on information in a very interactive and entertaining way. The format of discs eyeleted together with apertures to show information as the discs are turned makes information leaflets novel and attention-grabbing.


“Wheely” Effective

Often referred to as spinners, disc calculators, eyeleted discs and ready reckoners as well as wheel charts these interactive marketing and information leaflets are usually made up of 2 or 3 discs eyeleted at the centre. The wheel charts  can easily be turned to reveal the information or answers through the die-cut windows. Perfect to design as reference charts or calculators for instance they often make complex information simpler to understand.


Sturdy and Strong

Your wheel charts are strong and sturdy which they need to be because they will be picked up again and again. Here at Whitney Woods we produce parking discs and recycling wheels too so we know how strong the wheel charts and discs have to be for multiple use. They have been the main cog in many campaigns as wheel charts for information leaflets for alcohol units, pension calculations, inflation figures, cost calculations, colour chart, medical chart, calorie intake chart and you will have your own idea too.


Why not make it three?

Most wheel charts comprise of two discs but in certain cases three discs are better for the information leaflets. All wheel charts are totally bespoke to clients’ requirements and our team of advisors here will help you all the way to create your perfect all round interactive marketing information leaflets, charts and calculators.


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