Make Direct Mail Part of your Marketing Strategy

Direct Mail Gets Noticed - Make it part of your Marketing Strategy

Direct Mail Gets Noticed – Make it part of your Marketing Strategy

Yes we do live in a digitally driven world but that does not mean that traditional direct mail is no longer required. In actual fact due to your customers and prospects receiving less items of mail yours will not go un-noticed. Now is exactly the right time to make direct mail part of your marketing strategy. Choose the right product with good graphic design and your message will get across loud and clear. Take a look at business communication products for lots of unusual ideas.
Add a Pop up Feature for Extra Surprise
All the pop up direct mail products are mailed out compressed in matching cardboard wraps that rise to the top of the mail tray and never dismissed as “junk”. As the wraps are opened the pop up mailers spring free and into shape – this alone grabs maximum attention. Some pop up products are suitable to have pen holes in to encourage your customers and prospects to keep your direct mail on their work-station which serves to reinforce your message even more.
Interaction Gets Reaction
Interactive direct mail ideas always get a reaction too. Moving picture cards for instance or dissolvers as we call them are a terrific way to keep your target audience entertained and get your marketing noticed. Panels that pull out and extend are just the same and really the choice is yours for which design to add to your marketing strategy. Interactive mailers get reaction every time.
One Call Does it All
Not only do we produce amazing direct mail products we can also post them to your customers and prospects too. We have over 20 years experience and can clean up your data, fulfil by hand and mail for you at discounted rates too. One call to our team here at mail by hand is all it takes to get the ball rolling for us to PRODUCE – PACK and POST – all sorted for you.
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