Your Customers Like Getting Mail – Engaging Designs Work

Engaging Designs Work - Interloop Mailer Captures Attention

Engaging Designs Work – Interloop Mailer Captures Attention

We are in an era where everything is delivered electronically including bills and invoices which is why your customers actually enjoy receiving mail. Something they can open, handle and show to colleagues will make a huge impact and get you noticed. When you have something to say you should say it with engaging designs and make your direct mail work.


Interloop Mailers – Engaging Designs

Beating electronic mail by far is the Interloop Mailer – this is cost-effective to post yet is one of the most engaging designs. To view your full message your audience has to turn and turn again and again. This interaction gets your message across and even if your products or services are not required immediately your Interloop Mailer will be kept in a drawer and brought out at a later date. This marketing product us available in four sizes ad our team here will assist with your graphic design to produce your bespoke and engaging interactive mailer direct mail piece.


Phone Holder with Pen Holes and Calendar

The Pop up Phone Holder is a very engaging design indeed. Arriving compressed it springs into shape and goes to work immediately. Sitting on desks and work-stations it displays your advertising message every working day holding a phone, two pens and displaying a month to month calendar too. Constantly reminding your customers and prospects about your company this is a phone cradle desktop promotion direct mail gift that is a joy to receive.

Pop up Lantern - Light up Your Customers Mail

Pop up Lantern – Light up Your Customers Mail



Light up Pop up Lantern

The Pop up Ball is a quirky and effective form of direct mail and can be designed to have pen holes or a printed calendar on. But did you know that you can also add a handle and transform it into a Pop up Lantern? Brighten up your customers and prospects day with a Pop up Ball Lantern that grabs attention as it springs into shape when least expected.


Your customers like getting mail – it is a refreshing change from electronic mail and social media and is something they can touch, see and keep for reference too. You can see more info at popupmailers