You’ve Got Mail – Direct Mail for your next Marketing Campaign


Hands-On Direct Mail Push and Pull Design

Hands-On Direct Mail
Push and Pull Design

Whilst the world we live in is increasingly digitally charged it can only be good news for you. It means that because businesses receive less and less post these days when yours arrives it is welcomed and makes more of an impact. Gone are the days when people got excited to receive an e-mail; these days the excitement comes from receiving a physical piece of mail. Today I have chosen just three ideas from the business marketing range:


Push and Pull – Plenty of Print

Here is a direct mail idea that has plenty of print area and attracts attention immediately. Your customers and prospects will love the fact that the Push and Pull has a most amusing mechanism. As they pull a card at one side another card at the opposite side ejects at the same time which is amusing and gets your marketing message across too. This direct mail idea comes in DL, A6 and A5 sizes as standard and is a very novel and unusual way to send your direct mail; it adds an unusual element which is just what you need for your next marketing campaign.

Tent Topper – Interaction and Desk-Display Direct Mail

The Tent Topper is a product that made a name for itself in the advertising in tourism sector. It is now though increasingly popular as a direct mail piece due to its novelty value and versatility. This product is sent out to your customers and prospects flat and is easily erected in seconds. It then makes an ideal desk display item. For your next marketing campaign you could consider a bespoke Tent Topper to add an unusual dimension to your advertising and marketing.

Brightening up the Mail Box

You may be familiar with our Pop up Ball but did you know that it is easily transformed into a Pop up Lantern simply by adding a decorative handle. Often designed with promotional print for Halloween and Christmas Lanterns it has also played a shining role in many marketing campaigns at any time of year. As you know the pop up products spring free from their mailing wraps and gain maximum attention every time.


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