Why we should never underestimate the Power of Direct Mail

Pop up Ball - Powerful Direct Mail Idea

Pop up Ball – Powerful Direct Mail Idea

Using direct mail alongside more modern marketing communication channels can have a big impact on customer relationships and response rates.  Direct mail is often considered “old hat” but this is unfair. Planned and designed well a direct mail campaign can be the ultimate fashion accessory back on trend. Treat your customers and prospects to a physical piece of mail – not everyone has Twitter or Face Book and not everyone has time to read those volumes of e-mails but EVERYONE still has a mailbox.

Power to Direct Mail – Pop up Ball

All the pop up products are sent out compressed into a cardboard mailing wrap. They arrive as “chunky mail” which always rises to the top of the mail tray and beg to be opened. Once opened the pop up product springs free with energy and surprise which always guarantees one hundred per cent attention.  How many digital forms of marketing can match this? The Pop up Ball is a novel and quirky marketing product and very versatile too – you can design your bespoke Pop up Ball with pen holes and/or a printed calendar to encourage “keepability” too.

Jack in a Box Mailer – Powerful and Quirky   

The Jack in a Box Mailer is another pop up idea but designed to have your choice of die-cut shape on a spring like link of connecting pop up cubes – similar to a Jack in a Box for those of us old enough to remember the toys. This is great fun to design and send and adds power and entertainment to any direct mail project.  Creating an impact and something that will be remembered makes this a top hat choice for any marketing drive and knocks spots off digital marketing avenues.

Prism Card – High Level of Interaction

The Prism Card is a marketing product that adds a high level of interaction to your direct mail. The power of good direct mail is grabbing attention and gaining increased response rates and to do this you need entertaining and playful ideas. The Prism Card arrives flat but is easily assembled in seconds by pulling the tabs at the side.

You can see more powerful and interactive direct mail ideas at popupmailers too where you can order samples and chat to our team on line about your next marketing project